The Most Addicting Blockchain Game ON THE PLANNET

Raise and Battle your monsters to earn respect and win real world crypto


Unlock Monsters

Unlock the magic in your past blockchain transactions, to see what monsters you can find. Each transaction is different, so keep trying new ones to see what rare and powerful monsters you can get.


Raise And Train Your Monsters

It's your ranch. Raise your monsters the way you want.
Manage your monsters day to day activities and schedule, to decide how they will grow. Want to work them hard with training to make them strong in battle? Or give them an easy and relaxed life with you, as your loyal companion. The choice is yours


Battle In The Arena

If you choose To Battle With Your Monster
Not everyone wants to battle with their monster. But for those who do. You can put your monster through many different types of training to find what works best to make them stronger. And then put them to the test in the Battle Arena, to win huge prizes worth real life crypto.


Go On Adventures

Who Doesn't Like a Good Adventure?
Take your monsters into the wild and have an adventure to discover new secrets, locations, items, and wild monsters that you can actually catch.


Expand Your Land

Grow Your Farm and Open New Businesses
As you raise more monsters you can grow and expand your farm to be able to hold more monsters. Do you have that Entrepreneurial spirit? Open your own Training Gym or Item Shop and earn big time rewards that are paid out in crypto.

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Secure Your Rewards During Pre-launch

Get access to highly discounted Loot Capsules with high rare drop rate. After Pre-Launch is over these rare items and perks will be extremely hard to get. Reserve Your Capsules Now as supplies are limited


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What people are saying

Love RancherMon

RancherMon isn't just a game, it's an addicting blend of fun and finance. Its nostalgic gameplay and stunning graphics immerse you in an engaging world, while its innovative blockchain integration offers real financial rewards. Accessible to all, this game is a pioneering step into the future of gaming. A must-try for anyone seeking entertainment with tangible benefits!"

- Anna Jenkins

Tomogatchi of the future

It's like a tamogachi, mixed with an RPG, with a sprinkling of monster rancher flair. I cant believe how much I love this game. And how much time I spend on my farm.

- Danny Lores

What are you waiting for?

Get started with your first monster and start earning real crypto rewards. Get in now before all our pre-launch capsules are taken.